An Easy-to-Use Treasury Management Platform for Startups

Round makes it easy to centralise your financial data then
use it to get better rates, diversify banking risk and
manage liquidity.

Earn up to 5% yield*

Access to hundreds of savings accounts

Data driven liquidity management

Our investors

Always have peace of mind

Make data-informed decisions about where to park your cash, when to withdraw, and how to increase your yield and liquidity.

Before Round

Opening individual accounts takes time and effort

Difficult to get a full picture of your financials

Your logging into multiple bank accounts

you cant find (or see) if there are better rates available

Unsure how much cash to lock up and for how long

You spend hours each month managing liquidity


Access to hundreds of savings accounts through a single portal

You have a centralised source of truth

All your business bank accounts in one place

Up to 5% yield*

Receive data-driven optimisations for cash allocation

Spend less time managing liquidity, and more time on strategy.

Example of the Round platform dashboard

Centralise all your finances and optimise your treasury, quickly and easily

Stop juggling banking apps, spreadsheets and finance platforms to manage your cash. Use Round Treasury to centralise your finances and get recommendations to improve liquidity and yield, informed by data.

Illustration show how Round connects banks, ERPs, Spreadsheets to Increase Yield, Improve Liquidity, Manage Risk

The all-in-one platform to manage your cash.

Founders have a lot to do, so we’ve built Round to help save you hours (or even days) on managing your business’ finances. All it takes is a few minutes to get set up.

Control all your bank accounts in one place

Aggregate and manage all your bank accounts in one place. Get an instant picture of your treasury and effortlessly move money without logging into the underlying accounts.

Connect 2000+ bank accounts

Move money like magic

One search, multiple accounts

Connecting accounts through our cross-account visibility features

Easily diversify your funds across hundreds of savings accounts

You no longer need to open bank accounts one by one. Access hundreds of savings accounts across 25 banking partners*** through a single portal. Easily diversify your business’s cash and get peace of mind with Round Vault.

Maximise FSCS eligibility***

Earn up to 4.6% yield**

Single sign-up process

Illustration of Vault spreading funds across multiple bank accounts

Maximise your interest earning cash and improve liquidity

Earn up to 5% yield* through low-risk, high-liquidity money market funds, managed by Blackrock, held in your businesses name.

Up to 5% yield*

Withdrawals in 1-2 working days

Funds managed by Blackrock

Past performance is not indicative of future returns. As with all investments the income can rise or fall.

A graph of yield from investing into treasury
Sho Sugihara
Round was super helpful in opening our account. The yields are great and easy to track. We’re happy to have switched from SVB.
Co-Founder at Pave
Itamar Lesuisse
Switching to Round put our idle cash to work with competitive yield. Best decision ever, and their support is fantastic
Co-founder at Argent

We put safety first

Thanks to our network of partners, you get the security of traditional banks with a cutting edge experience designed for humans.

Infrastructure and Data

We use best practices across our infrastructure and data storage. Firewall and isolated networks, Data encryption, Real-time backups, 2FA.

We use best in-class security audit tools and we're on track for ISO 27001 certification


We are an appointed representative of WealthKernel, which is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

This regulation ensures that Round operates under high standards of financial conduct, providing assurance that you are dealing with a well-controlled and safe company.

Safety of your funds

We do not hold any client money or deposits. Round is never in the flow of funds.

We help you open and operate your accounts with ease and peace of mind.If something happens to Round — your money is not impacted in any way

Underlying brokers

All underlying brokers and service providers are class leading and curated.

All are FCA approved and regulated.

See how you can empower your startup cash with Round Treasury

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