Personal dataPurposeSourceLegal basis
Personal data: first and last name, phone number, date of birth, personal identification number (or equivalent), ageTo meet our regulatory obligations for the provision of ServicesDirectly from the data subject, some data points are verified using public databases, which depends on the residence of the data subjectLegal obligations ((UK)GDPR art 6 (1)(c)
To identify the person who is party to the AgreementPerformance of a contract ((UK) GDPR art 6 (1)(b))
Contact information: email address, residence address, geographical location (IP address) supporting documentation (utility bills, bank statements, other equivalent documents)To know how we can contact youPerformance of a contract ((UK) GDPR art 6 (1)(b))
For regulatory purposesLegal obligations ((UK) GDPR art 6 (1)(c)
Background information: bank account information, IP address, tax residency and tax ID number, if applicable, citizenship, employment information, source of wealth, personal identification card data points (date of issue, expiry date, picture, country of issuance)To understand to who we shall provide the ServicesLegitimate interest ((UK) GDPR art 6 (1)(f)
To fulfil our regulatory obligations (related to KYC) as a provider of investment servicesLegal obligations ((UK) GDPR art 6 (1)(c),
Data on how you use the Services: information on how long and how often you use the Services, what features you use the most and how and what not, etc. In connection to this data we may also capture relevant demographic factors associated with you.To improve the platform and our Services and how we market our ServicesDirectly from the data subjectLegitimate interest ((UK) GDPR art 6 (1)(f))
Marketing: email address, citizenship, etc.To provide you with marketing materials such as new feature and product releasesConsent ((UK) GDPR art 6 (1)(a))
Financial data: your payment information (cards, bank accounts, etc.), orders, deposits, investments, etc.To provide the ServicesDirectly from the data subject, from service providers used by the data subjectPerformance of a contract ((UK) GDPR art 6 (1)(b))
To provide the Services & to improve the platformLegitimate interest ((UK) GDPR art 6 (1)(f))
Information around our Services: email address, first and last name, your in-platform onboarding stateTo provide the Services as well as informational and educational content about App features, financial markets, remaining actions in the onboarding flowDirectly from the data subjectLegitimate interest ((UK) GDPR art 6 (1)(f))
Contact information of a company’s representativeTo introduce the Services and provide information content about RoundPublicly available dataLegitimate interest ((UK) GDPR art 6 (1)(f))
Customer support: different kinds of communications (emails, other messages, phone calls, etc.), information provided in those communicationsTo provide the ServicesDirectly from the data subjectPerformance of a contract ((UK) GDPR art 6 (1)(b))
Data related to information security measures (technical information on how our Website and App is accessed and used)To provide the ServicesDirectly from the data subject, public databasesLegitimate interest ((UK) GDPR art 6 (1)(f))